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On Native Soil

Ellman, Linda (2006) On Native Soil. États-Unis.

Brothers in Blue

Liebman, Jason L (2003) Brothers in Blue. États-Unis.

Beyond Belief

Murphy, Beth (2007) Beyond Belief. États-Unis.


Moore, Michael (2007) Sicko. États-Unis.

Body Of War

Donahue, Phil; Spiro, Ellen (2007) Body Of War. États-Unis.

Dying for Change

Goldberg, Scott (2007) Dying for Change. États-Unis.

30 Days

Spurlock, Morgan (2005) 30 Days. États-Unis.

Why We Fight

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Why We Fight
Jarecki, Eugene (2005) Why We Fight. États-Unis; France; Royaume-Uni; Canada; Danemark.

To Those Born After

Pavsek, Christopher (2005) To Those Born After. États-Unis.

The Flight That Fought Back

Goodison, Bruce (2005) The Flight That Fought Back. États-Unis; Royaume-Uni.

One Nation Under

Higgins, Sandi (2005) One Nation Under. États-Unis.

National Geographic: Inside 9/11

Elridge, Michael; Hori, Lance (2005) National Geographic: Inside 9/11. États-Unis.
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28 Juin 2012

Grounded on 9/11

Fine, Jeffrey; Marabella, Mark (2005) Grounded on 9/11. États-Unis.

Parallel Lines

Davenport, Nina (2004) Parallel Lines. États-Unis; Canada; Finlande; Espagne; Royaume-Uni.