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Samoilova, Gulnara

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États-Unis (2008)




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"I picked up a camera when I was 15. In my native Russia, I was a photography teacher and specialized in documentary photography. I earned a diploma in photography while in Russia and hold a certificate from the International Center of Photography. I have been in the United States since 1992 and continue to do my own documentary photography projects both in Russia and the United States.

I was supposed to be in Russia on Sept.11 to photograph a family I was chronicling as part of a personal, ongoing project. Instead, I was nearly buried alive in the ash and debris from the World Trade Center as I documented the events of the day.

I was awarded nationally and internationally for my photographs from 9/11 including first prize in the World Press Photo contest "People in the News" Singles division for my photograph of survivors of the World Trade Center collapse. "

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